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George Orwell’s 1984 – October 11-20, 2013

George Orwell’s 1984

Book by George Orwell

Adaptation by Michael Gene Sullivan

Directed by 
Tom Amen

Dates: October 11-20, 2013
Times: October 11, 12, 17, 18, 19 at 7:30pm, October 13, 20 at 2pm
Where: Mainstage Theater
Prices: $15 General Admission
$13 Students and Seniors

Play information:

George Orwell’s chilling prophecy of a totalitarian future comes to life in this riveting new stage adaptation by Michael Gene Sullivan.

Though the era in which the novel is set has passed us by, 1984 could not be more timely in its stark vision of a world in which freedom of deed, word, even thought, are subjugated by the state. As the story of one man’s fight for individual identity unfolds, Orwell’s unsettling nightmare grows increasingly terrifying as the bureaucratic purgatory it depicts grows uncomfortably familiar. Brilliant in its depiction of a New World Order controlled by tyranny, propaganda, group-think, and the cult of personality, 1984 remains a haunting and desperate cry for the preservation of liberty in our time.

Please note that this production contains adult language and situations, and is intended for mature audiences.