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Audition Notice – INVENTING VAN GOGH


By Steven Dietz

Directed by Tom Amen

Audition Date: November 30, 2022 @ 7 PM
Mainstage Theater
Golden West College
15751 Gothard St
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Callback Date (As Necessary): December 1, 2022 @ 7 PM

Rehearsals Begin: Late January 2023 (M-Th 7-10 PM)

Performance Dates: March 10-19, 2023 (7 Performances)

About the Play

A haunting and expressionistic mystery about the creation of art itself, Inventing Van Gogh is the story of the legendary artist’s final self-portrait – an elusive masterpiece that has managed to escape the clutches of contemporary art dealers. Until now!

Whether apocryphal or authentic, the search for the fabled painting propels this story of a young artist who is hired to forge a Van Gogh original, and, in doing so, comes face to face with Van Gogh himself!

A riveting and hallucinatory journey into a tortured world of passion, obsession, and greed, Inventing Van Gogh blurs the line between fact and fantasy, truth and myth!

The Cast of Characters

This is a very tight, unique, and fluid ensemble show conceived for 4 men and 1 woman playing 8 characters. As such, all two roles are multiple.

The complete character breakdown is as follows:
Patrick Stone (Male) – A Contemporary Artist (30s)

Vincent Van Gogh (Male) – An Artist (30s)

Dr. Jonas Miller/Dr. Gachet (Male) – Patrick’s Mentor and Van Gogh Expert/Van Gogh’s Doctor and Friend (50s)

Hallie Miller/Marguerite Gachet (Female) – Patrick’s Girlfriend and Miller’s Daughter/Dr. Gachet’s Daughter (20s)

René Bouchard/Paul Gaugin (Male) – An Art Authenticator/An Artists and Sometime Friend to Van Gogh

Audition Requirements

All actors are asked to read the play prior to the audition. The Director will not audition actors who have not read the play.

All actors are also asked to be mindful of the age ranges and listed above when auditioning for specific roles.

All actors are advised that, per contract with the playwright, roles will be cast according to the gender of each character as written.

For further audition or production information, please feel free to contact the Production Director, Tom Amen, at