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You Can Sing Online!

You Can Sing Online!

Fall 2020

*All performance courses will be Golden West LIVEONLINE

Basic and Intermediate Voice – Tuesday 12:45-2:50pm

Exploration of foundational vocal technique and performance skills by singing solo songs in a variety of styles. Intermediate students begin learning songs in Italian, German, and French.

Singing Solo Pop Songs – Monday 2:30-4:35pm

Focus on popular music performance, repertoire, and skills, including improvisation, chart notation, and stylistic variation.

Voice for Musical Theater 1-4 – Thursday 12:45-2:50pm

Learn musical theater songs from the Golden Age of Broadway to the present, while engaging healthy vocal technique, dynamic stage presentation, and character development.

Chamber Choir – Tuesday and Thursday 3:00-4:25pm

Participate in a virtual choir experience that will culminate in the preparation of group projects requiring personal and online practice, improvement of musicianship skills, foreign language diction, and an engaging online choral experience.

*GWC LIVEONLINE: Similar to an in-person class with set meeting times, this class is offered synchronously using ConferZoom, Canvas Conference, or other synchronous technology during the scheduled time. Students should use a computer/laptop with administrator rights. Tablet or phone may also be sufficient for our class meetings and projects.

You Can Sing GWC Fall 2020 [PDF]

GWC-Music faculty Dawn Brooks

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