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Doubt: A Parable

Doubt: A Parable

by John Patrick Shanley

Directed by Tom Amen

Dates: February 25 – March 6, 2011

7:30pm on February 25, 26 & March 3, 4, 5
2:00pm on February 27 and March 6

Where: Mainstage Theater

$12 General Admission
$10 for Students and Seniors

Play information:

Winner of the 2005 Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award, Doubt is a provocative and gripping story of suspicion and suspense! Set in 1964, the play could not be more contemporary in its examination of a priest suspected of misconduct. When Sister Aloysius, a rigid Bronx school principal, accuses a progressive and engaging priest, Father Flynn, of having improper relations with a young male student, she inadvertently raises questions that force her to confront the foundation of her own moral certainty. Dynamic yet subtle, manipulative yet full of empathy, Doubt is a beautifully balanced drama that draws its power from its ambiguity. In lean, potent and passionate language, John Patrick Shanley courageously leads us into the shadowy and elusive realm of human nature and ultimate truth. 

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