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The Great God Pan – Audition Notice

Production The Great God Pan

By Amy Herzog

Directed by Tom Amen

Audition Dates: December 5th and 6th, 2018

Audition Time: 7:00 PM

Audition Location: Mainstage Theater Golden West College, 15751 Gothard Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Roles Available: 3 Men, 4 Women


Pay: None

Suggested Audition Preparation: Read the play, which is available from Dramatists Play Service Inc.

NOTE: All actors who are cast will be required to enroll in a 2 Unit Theater Production course by August 27, 2018 – Details Provided Upon Casting

NOTE: Rehearsals: M-TH, 7-10 PM beginning January 28, 2019

Performance Dates: March 8 – March 17, 2019

About the Play:

Haunting, insightful, and unfailingly honest, The Great God Pan is a compact, yet complex study of the ways in which seismic events often pass with barely a tremor on the surface of our lives. But what of the possible aftershocks?

When a chance encounter between two childhood acquaintances uncovers a startlingsecret, a young man’s well-ordered world is suddenly rocked to its foundation!

Captivating in its depiction of myriad possibilities, The Great God Pan is not a play of answers, but of questions; chief among them the question of what is lost and what is won when we are exposed to potentially life-altering truths?

Character Breakdown:

This production contains open roles for 3 Men and 4 Women. This is a very tight ensemble show; each dynamic character has their moment in the sun!

Jamie (Late 20s) – A clean-cut, self-assured, and successful young man; an up-and- coming writer living with his girlfriend in Brooklyn.

Frank (Late 20s) – An emotionally wounded young gay man; multiple piercings andtattoos. He’s had a rough life so far.

Paige (Late 20s) – A former dancer, she is now working in the field of psychology. Less certain about her career than Jamie, she is also uncertain about their relationship.

Cathy (50s) – Jamie’s Mother. She doesn’t pry, but Jamie is glad that she lives acomfortable distance away in the suburbs.

Doug (50s) – Jamie’s Father. A well intentioned, but awkward man; he has a somewhat uneasy relationship with his son.

Joelle (17-20) – A troubled, deeply insecure young woman with a serious eating disorder. Polly (80s) – The elderly former babysitter of Jamie and Frank. She suffers from dementia. She has a very warm heart.

PLEASE NOTE: The director is also looking for highly committed crew-members who want to be a part of creating this beautiful little play. If you are interested in joining the production team as a part of the backstage crew, please attend the first audition on December 5th at 7:00 PM sharp, and we will sign you up!

Further questions regarding this audition should be directed to Tom Amen at or 714-892-7711, Ext. 55237