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The Liar

The Liar
by: Carlo Goldoni

Director: Tom Amen

Original Dates: July 7 to July 16, 2006
Where: Mainstage Theater
Running Time: 120 minutes

Play information:

Carlo Goldoni's classic comedy has never been funnier than in this delightful new translation and adaptation by Sara and Andrew Barnicle. The story centers on Lelio, a young Venetian incapable of telling the truth. As Lelio spins one outlandish whopper after another, complications multiply. Before long, Lelio has thrown the budding romances of two young sisters into turmoil, discredited their rightful suitors, deceived his own befuddled father, and created an impossible tangle of misunderstandings. Updated from 1750 to the fashionable chic of Venice in 1960, The Liar is lively and stylish comedy at its finest! 


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