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The Turn of the Screw – Oct 10-19

The Turn of the Screw

By Jeffrey Hatcher 

From the story by Henry James

Directed by Tom Amen

Dates: October 10-19, 2014
Times: October 10, 11, 16, 17, 18 at 7:30pm, October 12, 19 at 2pm
Where: Mainstage Theater
Prices: $16 General Admission
$14 Students and Seniors


Play information:

Henry James’ gothic tale of horror and repressed sexuality comes to life in this haunting and highly-theatrical adaptation by Jeffrey Hatcher.

When a nervous young governess arrives at the lonely English manor house of two orphaned children, she is quickly drawn into the dark, shocking, and tragic history of her predecessor. Apparently, the former governess, Miss Jessel, drowned herself after she discovered she was pregnant by a sadistic valet, Peter Quint; who also turns up dead shortly thereafter…and under very mysterious circumstances! Now the specters of Jessel and Quint have returned to spirit away the souls of the children, and the new governess must do everything in her power to stop them! Yet one troubling question torments this would-be savior: Are the specters real, or are they simply the product of her own restless and neurotic imagination?

Bold, suspenseful, and downright creepy, Hatcher’s mind-bending interpretation of The Turn of the Screw gives the original novella yet another provocative twist! 

This production contains adult situations, and is intended for mature audiences.