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Of Mice And Men

Of Mice and Men

by John Steinbeck

Directed by Tom Amen

Original Dates: October 17-26, 2008
Where: Mainstage Theater

Play information:

Set in Central California in the 1930’s, John Steinbeck’s Depression-era drama is a tremendously moving character study of the bond between a pair of itinerant ranch hands longing for a place to call home. Lennie is a child trapped within the body of a dangerously powerful man. George is Lennie’s protector and loyal friend, honor-bound to keep Lennie from harm, while reigning in his immense physical strength. However, when these two misfit drifters arrive at a ranch to work, Lennie's obsession with things soft and cuddly leads him into contact with the rancher’s promiscuous wife, forcing George into a position where he must make the most difficult and painful decision of his life. Filled with tenderness, brutality, compassion, and raw emotional power, Of Mice and Men is a timeless classic of American Theater!

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